Solutions for the Waterpark industry

Water parks are operating high-adrenaline, high-traffic rides with untold potential for content revenue.

Kool Replay captures the best of a rider’s experience, overlays it with special effects and automatically feeds the footage to the customer’s account, turning the experience into an exciting memory available for purchase.

Our vision

Create a fully automated video and photo capture and distribution solution

At Kool Replay, we combine the latest technology in cloud computing, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to create a fully automated video and photo capture and distribution solution.

We seamlessly capture the best of a guest’s experience and make it instantly available to them.

By doing so, we increase the average revenue per guest while simultaneously generating free advertising through every guest experience highlight shared on social media.

Return on Investment

Kool Replay turns every guest experience into a new revenue-generating opportunity.

Turning cameras into money-making machines while captivating customers with exciting, shareable content.

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