Track Family Fun Parks


Track Family Fun Parks

Nestled in Branson, Missouri, the Track Family Fun Parks have provided entertainment for over 40 years.
When the team wanted to showcase their guest experience at 2 of their rides, the Skycoaster and the Skyscraper, Kool Replay had just the product for them.


Height and speed

The Skycoaster is a 100 foot-tall super swing that combines elements of skydiving and hand gliding.
We needed to find the right locations for our cameras to capture guests’ emotions.
As for the Skyscraper, we needed to get up close to get the best footage!


Different viewpoints and slow-motion camera

With 4 different viewpoints, including a slow-motion camera, we were able to really get a sense of just how thrilling the Skycoaster can be.
As for the Skyscraper, we installed 2 cameras. The first one faces the guest’s seat while the second is set back and captures the full experience.


Really feeling the action

Guests can bring great memories back home and our client increases their social media presence!

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