Fun Spot

The project

Fun Spot

Fun Spot America Theme Parks is a family-owned business with a long history in the amusement park industry.
The organization owns 3 parks in Atlanta, Orlando and Kissimmee. The 2 Florida parks operate Skycoaster rides, including the world’s tallest one in Kissimmee.
Fun Spot was offering manually filmed videos to Skycoaster guests. Faced with a labour shortage, the organization was looking for a solution to automate and streamline the video process.

The challenge

Capturing flyers at a very high speed

It was necessary to cover multiple angles to create a personalized story for each guest.
The video solution also had to be capable of capturing flyers at a very high speed.
Finally, the content had to be ready and available for the guest to purchase immediately after the ride. 


High-frame rate camera and powerfull computer

Kool Replay deployed a total of 4 cameras, including cameras mounted on the Skycoaster tower to provide height perspective and showcase the panoramic view.
A high-frame rate camera was installed at the bottom of the ride to provide close-up capture of a rider’s facial expressions while reaching maximum speed.
A powerful computer was installed to process the content and have it ready for display on monitors along the ride’s exit path, enabling guests to immediately see—and purchase—their personalized video and photos.


Rapid increase media content revenue

Kool Replay’s deployment allowed Fun Spot to streamline its video operations, reduce operational costs and increase media content revenue.
In addition, the easily shareable content enabled by Kool Replay’s cloud-based distribution system generated tens of thousands of social media views of branded content, highlighting the park’s quality guest experience.
Shortly after the Kool Replay system was installed in Kissimmee, Fun Spot ordered another one for its second Skycoaster ride, located in its Orlando Park.

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