How It Works

The only 100% automated video system


Unlike other media content solution providers, Kool Replay is truly 100% automated. Its operation does not require any staff.

There are no batteries to recharge daily, consumable supplies to replenish, retail personnel to schedule, etc.

Just let our software do all the work.

Capturing the Highlights

A Streamlined Guest Experience

  • Guests simply enjoy the ride.
  • No presale necessary.

End-to-End Solution

Real-time video editing and instant access

The technology​

  • With continuous filming cameras placed on and off rides, we create a perfect multi-camera feed.
  • Footage is automatically edited, enhanced, uploaded to a cloud server and linked with each customer in a matter of seconds.
  • Branding elements, such as your logo and intro clip, are automatically added to the media content produced..

Instant Previews

Ready before the ride is even over

Guests can immediately see their own content on preview screens strategically positioned along the ride’s exit path.

How It Works-FreePreview-onTV

Content Easily Accessed

Content can easily be accessed through one of 4 methods:

Presale of video/photo vouchers

During online booking or onsite ticket purchase

QR code to scan with a smartphone

Automated terminal available on site

Kool Replay’s online store, customized with your branding

The Online Store

The online store is easy to navigate:

  • Intuitive navigation where guests can preview and purchase their content online
  • Easily integrated online payment services with automated money transfer
  • White-label store customized with your branding


One-Click Instant Sharing on Social Media

Your guests become ambassadors by sharing your branded content

Our clients have already raked up 20M branded video views, thanks to the ready-to-use social media icons visible on every website page.

Many Upselling Opportunities

Kool Replay maximizes upselling opportunities

(before the visit)
Easy integration with booking systems

Kool Replay integrates with your booking system or online ticket store to create an add-on item.

(during the visit)
Immediate onsite sales

Content produced by Kool Replay can be sold onsite at your existing point-of-sales.

By email
(after the visit)
Continued contact after departure

Automated emails are sent to guests, giving them the chance to purchase their content after their visit.