How it works

The deployment of Kool Replay automated video and photo solutions follows these steps:

Guest experience highlight mapping

The partner venue defines the key highlight moments of the guest experience at their site.


Project design

Kool Replay designs the automated photo and video system to create a personalized story around the identified guest highlight moments.

Project implementation

Kool Replay deploys the system and integrates it with the client’s website, reservation system, POS and post-visit email thread to maximize revenue-generating opportunities.



  • The Kool Replay systems operate autonomously, and seamlessly create content and new purchasing opportunities for guests.
  • All content is stored on the cloud. Guests receive a hyperlink allowing them to share their experience with their social networks in just one click.
  • All technical and customer support is provided by Kool Replay so as to facilitate the client’s experience while using the systems.

Key Features

Seamless way to capture guests’ highlight moments with a network of smart, sensor-activated cameras

Automated guest-content association

Content is automatically edited and enhanced with multiple viewpoint assemblies, slow-motion, audio effects, intro clips, logo overlays, etc.

One-click instant sharing on social media

Enables gamification with guest performance data

Content is immediately available for guests to review and share

Triggers automated email sequences to drive repeat business (drives high open rate based on guest-specific content)

Kool Replay explained by a client

Higher advertising ROI

ROI is 10x higher compared to other web media placements.

Increased brand awareness and visibility

UGC widens your reach and allows direct referencing by your customers.

Privacy Policy

Video capture is carried out with the user’s consent.


Get access to data and analytics to evaluate performance and ROI.

Promotional expertise

Kool Replay provides promotional material to guarantee a fast and lasting adoption rate of your Kool Replay zones.

Customer support

We offer a turnkey installation and personalized support.

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