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Kool Replay Story

The idea of KOOL REPLAY was born around a BBQ while friends were trying to find a technological solution that would synchronize fixed cameras with smartphones and so that they could receive more than just static photos after an event or an activity.

KOOL REPLAY is the brainchild of François Tremblay, a business development and sales specialist, and Benoît Lapointe, an expert in application design in the field of telecommunications.

Benoît started coded an initial BETA system. A few months later, François joined Benoît in the adventure and started a validation process with a business hub, D3 District. The idea was so good that they had barely begun their market research when customers they contacted want to immediately sign agreements with them.

Less than five years after its launch, KOOL REPLAY now has a patent-pending technology, new investors and a roster of new customers.

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Francois Tremblay

François Tremblay


Business Development

Great experience in advanced technology solutions and international distribution

Benoit Lapointe

Benoît Lapointe


Technology Development

Expert in application design in the telecommunications industry

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