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Kool Replay is the new generation of fully automated video and photo capture and transfer technology. We offer the link between permanent cameras and smartphones. This solution can be installed wherever there is amazing action and views.

Kool Replay’s system gives users almost real-time access to their best shots directly from any smartphone—all while allowing them to fully get in on the action. Our unique software solution automatically links video shots to specific users.

Users receive their images in high definition on their smartphones just a few seconds afterwards their stunts. The digital content is uploaded on cloud servers, which allows users to access their videos from anywhere and on any platform.

Kool Replay also works with sensors and RFID technology. This method enables users to receive content via email or a simple web interface.


The diffusion of content generated by Kool Replay can be done through a web interface or via email when the guest has used a reservation system

Also available on iOS and Android devices, the Kool Replay app allows users to receive, in real time, their videos and share them with friends on social media.

Now that’s what we call real-time engagement and a seamless experience!

Kool Replay diffusion

Custom Mobile Camera

Kool Replay custom Camera
Kool Replay custom Camera
Kool Replay custom Camera
Kool Replay custom Camera

Higher advertising ROI

ROI is 10x higher compared to other web media placements.

Increased brand awareness and visibility

UGC widens your reach and allows direct referencing by your customers.

Privacy Policy

Video capture is carried out with the user’s consent.


Get access to data and analytics to evaluate performance and ROI.

Promotional expertise

Kool Replay provides promotional material to guarantee a fast and lasting adoption rate of your Kool Replay zones.

Customer support

We offer a turnkey installation and personalized support.

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