Six flags - la ronde

The Project

Located in Montreal Canada, La Ronde is a Six Flags owned amusement park featuring more than 40 rides and attractions.  In 2021 while in the middle of the Covid outbreak, La Ronde and Kool Replay teamed up to enhance the guest experience while generating new revenues for the park.  The initial phase of the deployment involved the installation of the automated video and photo solution on a selection of 5 attractions ranging from family to extreme thrill rides.  


The Kool Replay system had to be deployed, tested, and approved during the short time window between the end of the winter and the beginning of the park operations in May.  At the time, Montreal was facing a labour shortage.  The system operations from the capturing to the delivery to the end user had to be designed to be 100% automated and staff free.


Kool Replay successfully deployed its automated photo and video system on 5 rides including the iconic Goliath, the park’s largest coasters.  Several cameras including super high frame rate devices were installed along the rides to capture the guest experience from multiple viewpoints.   New automated kiosks for content distribution were design allowing the guest to purchase their own content in the form of a QR immediately after the ride in addition to the online store.


The reliability of the system exceeded 99,9% throughout the season.  


More than 120,000 videos were delivered in the first year establishing a new benchmark of success for automated videos in amusement park. 

The system now generates steady and important income while also providing a lot of visibility for the attraction on social media.