Mountain Monster

The Project

The Mountain Monster is a 200-ft. tower at the center of a commercial development in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The tower features 3 high-adrenaline rides and is the flagship of the manufacturer’s Soaring Eagle catalogue (now known as Altitude Attraction). In early 2019, Soaring Eagle wanted to capture the best of its guest experience in high-quality videos so that the attraction could achieve greater visibility on social media.


Kool Replay had to build an infrastructure capable of taking shots from multiple points of view, including breathtaking panoramic images of the Smoky Mountains surroundings. The finished product had to look impressive and had to fully capture the intensity of the unique rides.

Mountain Monster mountain view


Kool Replay deployed a total of 11 cameras, including 5 on-ride aerospace-grade cameras. The high-quality 4K footage is processed by 2 powerful computers that perform advanced editing before delivering the replays (which can serve as previews on on-site screens) just seconds after the ride is finished.


More than 50% of the videos are shared on social media.

The site enjoys an impressive conversion rate of 20% and each video is seen more than 338 times on average.

In less than 2 weeks after the commissioning of the tower, videos generated by Kool Replay had already been seen

more than 1 million times