Montréal en Lumière

The Project

In 2019, Montréal en Lumière (a winter festival affiliated with the Spectra group) installed a 350-ft. zipline across the Place des Arts public space, right in the heart of downtown Montreal. Kool Replay deployed a total of 5 high-resolution cameras to capture the entire experience on high-definition video replays.


The festival operates in the middle of the Canadian winter, so all equipment had to be suitable for extremely cold conditions.

Most of the operating hours were after sunset and the cameras had to self-adjust according to a wide range of lighting conditions, not to mention the presence of several artificial spotlights.

Finally, the video system had to integrate with a third-party ticket system in order to allow for automated content-user association.


Kool Replay deployed 4K automated cameras with self-adjustment to light conditions.

The system integrated with the ticketing solution provider so that guests automatically received a hyperlink via email in order to access their content shortly after the ride was finished.


A total of 4,257 videos were produced in 7 days of operation.

The conversion rate exceeded 35% and a total of 55K people were reached via the use of the system, providing high visibility for the sponsor.