Great Canadian Bungee

The Project

Located North of Gatineau in the region of Canada’s capital, Great Canadian Bungee has been operating the country’s highest bungee site as well as a thrilling zipline since 1991. Guests experience a once-in-a-lifetime moment at the venue and are eager to capture their experience on video and in photos. The venue was operating their own system that involved camera operators and manual editing of content.


Several panoramic and close-up shots were needed to capture the jump from all of the best angles. There was no high-speed Internet available at the location. It was crucial that guests be able to see their videos and photos right after their jump or zipline ride, while they were still on site.

Great Canadian Bungee Jumping


Kool Replay deployed a total of 6 high-resolution and 4K cameras with focal length ranging from fisheye to powerful zoom so as to get the best viewing angles.

The system is automatically triggered by sensors. A dedicated high-speed LTE connection was implemented so that the entire video capturing, editing, and uploading process is shorter than the activity cycle time.

Such speedy performance ensures that videos and photos are available for purchase by the time the guest has finished the activity, and also avoids any backlog.


Because the system was 100% automated, the staff that had previously been assigned to video production were now able to focus on customer service and other tasks.

The conversion rate for bungee videos reached an amazing 60%, making it a very successful video operation.