Clip 'n Climb

The Project

In 2019, Kool Replay teamed up with the Clip ’n Climb Laval center to deploy its proprietary automated video replay system on the free fall play. The intent was to capture one of the most thrilling moments of the experience and make it as shareable as possible.


As they are pulled up the 30-ft. slide, guests can let go of the handle bar at any time during ascension. The height a guest reaches can vary from a few ft. to a maximum of 30 ft. Videos had to be dynamically edited with no dead time for each profile.

Clip 'n Climb


Kool Replay deployed several cameras and used the data from sensor input to cut a video featuring the best of the experience from multiple angles.

High-definition microphones were used to capture the guest’s emotional reaction as well as the cheering from the crowd.


Kool Replay reached a conversion rate of 27% while more than 47% of guests also shared their videos on social media.

The sharing allowed the organization to achieve a greater reach on social platforms.