CJ Barrymore’s

The Project

Located at CJ Barrymore’s attraction park, our next project consists of 3 thrill rides; the Drop Tower, the Saddle Sling, and the Soaring Eagle Zip Line that takes you on a ride over 650 ft. long and offers breathtaking views 120 ft. above the complex. In 2021, the owner of the park wanted to provide guests with lifetime memories as well as increase his revenue. With the Kool Replay low-cost technology, he was able to do just that!


With each ride comes unique challenges and different needs from the client. We had to build an infrastructure comprehensive enough to capture the guests’ emotions while keeping the budget in line with the client’s request.


With only a total of 3 cameras, we had to be creative in terms of point of view. We created custom mounting brackets to support the cameras directly on the seats to create an immersive experience.


In only 14 days of operations, the ride had reached close to 1500 guest!