Let your brand shine through your customers

KOOL REPLAY generates large-scale sharing of content with your branding on social media, while providing an exceptional customer experience. We offer a way to retain your customers and increase your revenues.

Media value

With an increase in visibility thanks to KOOL REPLAY’s videos shared by your customers, you maximize your web presence and get referred directly to potential customers in niche communities related to your business.

  • 1 KOOL REPLAY user = $70 media value (Study carried out by Touché Média)
  • 10x more ROI that a web media purchase
  • 1 KOOL REPLAY user = 10 potential customers

KOOL REPLAY users in action!

What KOOL REPLAY’s users are saying

For sure, if I had to choose between two ski resorts, I would definitively choose the one with cameras. It’s an easier and no-hassle solution.

Customer at Stoneham Tourist Resort

It’s cool when you don’t have a camera or a GoPro on you for people that like to see themselves in action.

Customer of Stoneham


100% automated

Additional revenues

Improves customer experience

Encourages and multiplies user-generated content (UGC) videos

Increases interaction on social media

Real-time, emotional sharing

Snaps all the best shots

External view on the action

Allows users to concentrate on their stunts and fun

High-definition content

Customer feedback, data and analytics

Low-cost / High-impact

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We’ll show you how KOOL REPLAY is an essential tool to include in your marketing strategy!

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