777 Zip

The Project

777 Zip is a family-owned Soaring Eagle Zipline operation located in Davis, Oklahoma and overlooking the gorgeous Turner Falls. Since opening in 2016, the owner had been looking for ways to increase the zipline revenue while also enhancing the guest experience. He tried manual photography for a while, but the revenues were less than he had expected, and the logistics were cumbersome for the staff, especially during the busy season.


777 Zip wanted to automate the photo/video process while enhancing the quality of the final product. Since the ride kart moves along a 777-ft. cable, the cameras had to be mounted on the cart itself in order to capture the entire ride and all of the scenery.


Kool Replay installed a solution specifically designed for Soaring Eagle Ziplines. The system uses 2 high-resolution ruggedized custom cameras connected to the ride’s auxiliary power system. The footage is wirelessly transferred to a local server where it gets edited before being uploaded to the cloud.


The system generates vibrant, high-quality images that are readily available for guests to purchase through an online store portal.

The initial investment for the solution was paid off only a few months after the entry into service.

The system now generates steady and important income while also providing a lot of visibility for the attraction on social media.