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Kool Replay and Stoneham: A thriving partnership!

This past January, Stoneham Mountain Resort, located in Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury just outside of Québec City, announced a brand-new concept in Québec’s ski industry: free real-time (or almost) videos for skiers and riders of its terrain parks.

The concept is simple. By partnering with Montreal firm, Kool Replay, Stoneham Mountain Resort set up permanent cameras in several strategic spots on the mountain—particularly near the terrain park infrastructure and training area. After having downloaded Kool Replay’s mobile app, users can instantly receive a video of their performance when they ski or ride in the designated areas.
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Users can then share their videos with their Facebook followers thanks to the app’s seamless connection with the social media platform’s API.


The partnership between Stoneham Mountain Resort and Kool Replay taps into a growing trend, especially with Millennials (18-34 years old): user-generated content (UGC). Deemed more authentic and credible than images a brand or company shares via its official social media accounts, user-generated content meets people’s insatiable demand for real-time, live-action shots.

This phenomenon explains why Instagram, Snapchat and other similar types of social media are uber-popular among younger users. Using content sourced from skiers and snowboarders, brands can tell their stories and share electrifying moments using highly effective, highly engaging storytelling.
This first winter showed very promising results of the potential use of Kool Replay’s solution at Stoneham: over 8000 videos were made during the season. The majority of users (54%) downloaded the app and used it often, as shown in the table below. Many power users used the app over 40 days, creating up to 500 videos each!


According to Lisa Marie Lacasse, Stoneham Mountain Resort’s Communications Manager, the pilot project was successful and the feedback was very positive. “We are satisfied with the adoption rates of this new technology after just a few months. We’re very optimistic for next winter; with the app’s existing users and the fact that the project is well-implemented, it will be easier to promote Kool Replay at the start of the upcoming season.”
François Tremblay, Co-Founder of the Kool Replay app agrees. “For next year, we’re planning on seamlessly integrating the app with other popular apps and social media platforms, such as Snapchat. While users can already share their videos today, they must download them onto their smartphones and share them on their preferred social media networks (Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc.). We’re eager to continue working with Stoneham next winter!”


There are other similar approaches to user-generated content for sports enthusiasts, particularly with still-frame images. Think of how organizers are taking advantage of user-generated content in Val Thorens, France, or the app, Epic Mix from Vail Corp. However, Kool Replay’s next-generation approach is different as it continuously meets people’s ever-growing desire to highlight their sport prowess with images or videos. Real-time video functionalities are innovative and set Kool Replay apart from the rest.

Indeed, skiers and snowboarders may already have a GoPro; however, not everyone can afford this type of device. And again, the videos are not in real-time, which means users can’t automatically share their thrills and chills right away on Facebook or other social media.

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